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In 2017 the Camera Rescue project began with a dream to rescue 100 000 forgotten film cameras to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Finland. By 2021 we reached that goal and are now moving towards creating educational content and running an offline school for camera repairs.

The camera rescue project has always been about doing things together. Companies, freelancers and volunteers around Finland and Europe have united to work under the same mission to bring cameras out of oblivion and back to the reach of the people that want to use them.

For there to be a sustainable future for film photography, the challenge around cameras is bigger than any one company or project. It is a challenge for the whole global analog photography community - millions of cameras need to be rescued into the safety of hobbyists before they are trashed.

Quantity is not the only challenge - even if hobbyists would have enough cameras for everyone, especially the mechanical ones need to serviced regularly. Since 2018 we have concentrated the knowhow of repairs, machinery and spare parts in the same location known as the Camera Rescue Center, in Tampere Finland.

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 15.02.22.png

The camera rescue staff when we reached 100 000 cameras rescued

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