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camera rescue

In 2023 our main focus is providing mentorship based education offline and film camera based edutainment online

For the longest time one of our main goals was to be able to pass along the know how of camera repairs. It’s been an issue for years as master repair men have retired or even worse passed away, the spare parts dumped in a landfill and so on. We have too many stories like that is different countries, but they all seem to end with a loss is knowledge. Knowledge that could keep our cameras and lenses working for decades, all that needs to be done is teach the new generations. For this we have seen a need to create a school for camera repairmen.

Okay! I'm ready to repair cameras!!

Well wait, its not that simple, camera repairs is an art and its not something one can learn with a video and some good hands, it requires a discipline that is not always easy to grasp. Opening a camera is supposed to be done to leave it in better condition than it was before and when possible (not all cameras can be fixed, sadly) leave it as close as factory specs, no shortcuts, no wiggle room.

So as we approach this new posibitily we are gathering how many people are interested in becoming students. We are not sure how long the course would be and what the cost would be for the students, but if all of this sounds like your thing feel free to fill out the following form and you will be notified as things evolve.

Thanks for your interest, without people like you cameras won’t have a future.

*Please note this is currently only for research, by submitting the form there are no obligations of any kind.

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