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Camera Rescue is a project based in Finland that focuses on bringing forgotten cameras back to users' hands. We do this to all types of still photography cameras from the 1800s to modern day by buying them, repairing them and finding them a new home. They can be broken or fully working, the price we offer for them will just reflect their condition 

The process is simple. 


1. Optional pre-quote

We have an online form where you can get an initial quote from us on the value of your material if it is in good condition:
Fill the form, we get back to you in a few days via email with an offer.

2. Testing of the material in Barcelona

We have an office in Barcelona that will test the condition of the cameras. 

You can also skip doing the online form and just walk in with the material to the office. 90% of the value of any film camera is in its condition and only through testing, we can give a final offer. Testing material with the proper machines takes time, roughly 15 minutes per item, and there might be a queue of items before yours, so you will have to leave the material for the testing phase.

3. Final offer and bank transfer


After the tests have been done, a final offer will be sent to you via email. You can then choose to approve it or not. If you approve, the money will be transferred to your bank account in 2-3 days. If you choose to not accept the offer, you can pick up your material from the office during the opening hours.


If you have any questions you can contact our Barcelona team through:

Phone number (Whatsapp too): +34 674978166

Address:  Baixada de Viladecols, 2, 08002 Barcelona

(Carmencita Film Lab Barcelona)


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday   11:00-14:00   15:00-20:00

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