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Camera Rescue Community Chat

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

We don’t need new cameras, we need to rescue old cameras!

Checking a Leica Lens in a flea market

Since the conception of Camera Rescue we have been working towards saving cameras for the future generations. As time has passed, we have noticed that the condition of the cameras being saved have shifted from being mostly fine to be used again with some minor cleaning, to mostly in need of repairs with a working one every now and then. This means that gear is obviously aging and how its been stored is crucial. It’s not the same to rescue cameras from Finland than Paris or Spain, each country has different climates and storage solutions and we can’t reach all.

Hasselblads awaiting repairs

We keep getting asked to open rescue centers in different locations and we are working towards that, having opened a Paris office, but it’s nothing close to being fast enough for the current demand. So for that reason we have been working on the Camera Rescue Basic course, after a failed crowdfunding campaign we didn’t give up, we have been recording, writing and planning for years and it’s about to launch in a few weeks.

Our failed attempt for the Basic Course

But what are we missing? What can we do today, what is the advantage we have that we can share immediately? Well that is our know how, between what the project has learned, what Cameramakers has progressed and what we have seen in the market we have decided to have an open conversation for anyone wanting to rescue cameras. So we launched a form, the Camera Rescue Chat, a place where you can ask questions and we will try our best to answer! The cool thing is it’s not going to be just us, it will be all members of the rescue community that can help. For that we created a Camera Rescue subreddit here, this is a place for all to join and help each other get cameras back to the users. So feel free to post there as much as you want, it will be moderated but only for users to be respectful to each other.

Fill in this form to ask us and the community anything about rescuing cameras!

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