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Packing & Shipping

If you are sending us your gear for sale or trade, here are some tips on how to pack your products like our logistics experts and ensure your photo gear remains safe during the shipping. We cannot take any responsibility for your items until they arrive at our shop.


Pretend that your photo gear is very thin porcelain and you have to get it from your place to our shop in one piece. Fragile items require packing materials that provide cushioning during transportation. If you have the item’s original box, use it because these are specifically fitted for the product, and will provide the greatest level of protection. Individually wrap each item with bubble wrap, packing paper or newspaper.

If you do not have the original box, use a box big enough to sufficiently be able to fit enough cushioning inside (like more bubble wrap, crumpled up newspaper, etc). Do not over pack, but be sure to fill all empty spaces in the box, to limit the movement of items during the transportation.

Be sure not to leave any empty space inside the box. Pad all areas to limit the movement of items during transportation. Remember that delivery is at your expense and responsibility, so pack the products well!


After packing please send the box to the address below. Please attach a copy of your passport or other personal identity document and your IBAN bank information. Once we have received the package our professional camera service team will perform a closer inspection on the condition and performance of the gear. Within a couple of working days you will get our report. If there are any significant issues found we will modify our offer accordingly. You’re still free to request your items back after receiving our report. And if everything is as described, we will then pay the money to your bank account. 

And afterwards, you will have less things, more money, and will have helped us contribute to a more circular economy.

Ship here:

Camera Rescue
Erkkilänkatu 11B, PMK-Talo 7. krs
33100 Tampere

Tel. 0503811445

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