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Who shoots film? – Brazil

About five months ago the Cameraventures team launched the #saveanalogcameras project to see if analogue photography is still alive among photographers and therefore understand their future.

During the data collection process, about 100 Brazilian photographers who are still photographing on film were interviewed.

The situation of analogue photography in Brazil tends to grow, since it is more popular among people between the ages of 21 and 26, this tendency provides a growth of this phenomenon in the younger age group, with ages between the 16 and the 20 years old.

Analog photography in Brazil is in great growth; this fact is based on a question asked to the interviewees, where they would have to answer the question: “How many people do you know that have a recent attraction for analog photography?”. To this question, 68% of participants answered that they knew between 1 and 7 people, which in itself is already an excellent indicator, but the other 32% gave an even more positive answer, saying that they know between 7 and 50+ people who have analog photography as a new attraction.

To the group of participants was raised a question, where they would have to position themselves among 4 types of users of analog photography as an Artist, Collector, Gearhead and Newcomer (each type is described and can be consulted on our website via the link – Thus, it was concluded that almost half of the users of analog photography are positioned in the type of Artist, more concretely 40,5%.

The process of collecting analog cameras also becomes an increasingly reality, within the group of participants more than 30% have between 3 and 5 cameras, this can be justified by the stop of manufacturing of such cameras causing users to retain for example no longer produced items, which shows us that even among other types of users that are not Collectors, the tendency to collect begins to be more comprehensive.

This can be very relevant in the way that the cameras are in fact used as a functional object, not only as an object of decoration, obsolete in its photographic function, which leads to the development of a network of repairers attentive to the analogue market, giving new life to the cameras.

Author: Diogo Santos


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