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Where do photographers send their cameras for repair? – Portugal

About five months ago the Cameraventures team launched the #saveanalogcameras project to see if analogue photography is still alive among photographers and therefore understand their future.

During the data collection process, about 170 Portuguese photographers who still photograph with analog cameras were interviewed.

One of the most important issues that this project encountered was undoubtedly the possibility for cameras and gear to be repaired, due to their age and fragility.

The desertion of photographers from the analog process can also be solved by solving issues such as these, because if we establish a competent network of professionals who provide these types of service, the viability of using the film becomes very positive.

In terms of the current situation in Portugal, there is a large chunk of people who repair their gear in local shops, often in the stores where they bought, since the stores selling analogue material in Portugal offer a competent repair service.

Yet there is a significant amount who carry out this kind of tasks on their own, and they also offer their services through specialty forums.

Author: Diogo Santos


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