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Where do people buy cameras? – Brazil

About five months ago the Cameraventures team launched the #saveanalogcameras project to see if analogue photography is still alive among photographers and therefore understand their future.

During the data collection process, about 100 Brazilian photographers who are still photographing on film were interviewed.

The question of acquiring analog photography gear is often a real problem for anyone who is starting out in this type of photography.

One of the key words when it comes to purchase: trust; this is because since analog cameras are no longer manufactured, and the purchase will almost always fall on a used item, and consequently with some wear, limitations, etc.

Confidence is therefore a very strong weapon when it comes to the purchase and sale of this type of material, a store or seller that provides this type of material and also offers a repair service, review and even some brief explanations about of the use of the equipment will certainly be a reference when it comes to acquiring material, as it transmits this trust, which means that the user knows that he will not buy material that is obsolete, or that in the future, if something may cease to function under conditions, the user knows whom to turn to for repair.

Still in Brazil, during data collection, it was noticed that many of the users use online platforms to acquire their gear, such as eBay, Facebook or even forums. However the vast majority prefer the idea of ​​buying in person, in a local store where they can have a personal and direct contact with the seller, which reinforces the idea of ​​trust.

Author: Diogo Santos


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