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The #BWmber challenge

The #BWmber contest has ended!

At the start of November we launched #BWmber, a fun contest to challenge everyone to try the uplifting practice of black and white photography. That contest has now come to a close and it’s time to announce the winners.

First of all we want to thank all of the contestants for venturing into the unknown. Going monochrome seemed to bring an ample yet beautiful change into everyone’s Instagram feeds. We hope that you enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoyed browsing through the whopping 1750+ entries. Keep challenging yourself in photography and life, and if you take a liking to shooting digital B&W, try it out on film. It’s even better!

The winners

Third place

Coming in third is @sammarks with this especially concrete picture about long lasting love. In addition to the context, we loved how well the tones of B&W film give a lot more to this picture than basic digital means could.

Second place

@petraveikkola places second with this stunning potrait. It is moody, grainy and delicate, but leaves so many questions into the viewers’ minds that it captivates something strong within.

First place

The coveted first place goes to @fedscoppa for this surreal photojournalistic shot, which benefits highly from being B&W. The cattle are moved 15 km to new barns after their old ones were destroyed by an earthquake.

All winners will receive their prizes before long so we encourage you to follow their accounts to see some undoubtedly awesome analog shots in the future!

A big thanks to for sponsoring the prizes.

We hope you have an amazing time during the holidays and encourage you to capture something like @sammarks did from your own relatives!

Best regards, Juho /


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