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State of cameras with Carmencita Film Lab

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Here at the rescue center we see cameras come in all conditions, from last used a day ago to decades ago. Our job has always been to diagnose and find what is needed to be done to make them be part of the community again, but this is only one side of the analogue market. We don’t usually see the final results from all the gear we rescue, that is seen by the users, be it from a lab scan to a self developed roll and a print. For this reason we don’t always know what users are ok with in terms or results or cosmetic conditions of their gear.

Carmencita Film Lab has been a big player in the lab industry starting in Valencia and expanding to Lisbon and Barcelona. Albert Roig came to visit us here in Tampere and we couldn’t pass the opportunity of talking with him as we see things from different sides of the market. In this conversation you will how they see a lab running and how not all users are bothered by what they use or the condition its in.

Having Albert here for a few days helped us identify priorities in the analogue community, we each have different tasks to tackle in the future and getting there will require that we re-adjust our efforts once again. But with the operation growing at a healthy speed we are in a better position than ever to move forward and make sure the next generations have working cameras they can feed the film we all love. If you don’t want to miss what will be next in the Camera Rescue project consider subscribing to our newsletter.

A few years ago we did a video about Carmencita Film Lab and how they do things in a different way, please check it out below.


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