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Greatest Analog Photography Work Recruitment of 2020 – Vol 3.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

NOTE. This recruitment has closed 1.3.2020! If you feel that you have what it takes for position 1. below, you can contact us, but otherwise we are not recruiting at the moment. If you want to keep up for the next recruitments, I suggest subscribing to our newsletter or instagram.

If you have happened to stumble upon this page without knowing what Camera Rescue is, I suggest reading this page and watching through some of the embedded videos. The TLDR version is: we are a project processing thousands of cameras a year in Finland, but that also aims to share our knowledge to help secure a future for film photography worldwide. Once you have a grasp on what the project is about, you can try to become a key player of it by applying to one of the available positions below. There are 3 full time vacancies that need to be filled ASAP, 5 positions that are initially for the summer (but if you fit-in can turn into long time work) and 5 shorter trainee positions. Applying for the full time vacancies can be done with a cover letter, but for all other positions please read the position descriptions below and fill the form applicable.

Full-time/ Part-time Job Positions:

1. Experienced analog camera technician.

  1. Full time work in Tampere, Finland as a camera repair technician. Please specify your level of training.

  2. Possibly also to do as project based training courses on certain models / brands (sharing your expertise with us if you have special training).

  3. Apply directly by sending an cover letter via email to

2. Electronics expert.

  1. The MacGyver of 1970s to 1990s electronics. A special kind of person that can make any old electronics wizz again.

  2. Full Time work in Tampere, Finland, same as above but with interest working in analog cameras and machinery containing electronics.

  3. Apply directly by sending an cover letter via email to

3. Backend or Full stack developer

  1. Someone who is skilled in creating and managing digital databases and also has an understanding (the more the better) of film cameras. Experience in Woocommerce is a bonus.

  2. Fulltime or part-time work remotely or locally. 

  3. Apply directly by sending an cover letter via email to

Summer Work:

May – August 2020, substituting for staff during holidays and a possibility to turn into long term work in Tampere Finland. These positions will be harder to do with no Finnish language skills, but not impossible. We are looking for the following:

1-2 x Cameramakers trainees

Becoming a trainee under Master Jukka and assisting the other Cameramakers. Essentially a test period for someone aiming to become a fulltime camera repair professional with us here in Tampere.

2 x Product controllers for

Helping the repair technicians and product listing team. You will be trained by Cameramakers to perform diagnostics testing on camera gear using specialized equipment.

You will also be helping the Kamerastore product team by working on product photography and making drafts of product listings waiting to be approved for the web shop. If you are marketing oriented, there definately will be a chance to use those skills too. The more you know about film camera gear the easier this will be. But all can be learned and we will teach you our process.

You will switch between helping the product team and helping the technicians based on their needs and the skills you learn.

1 x Lab / Sales assistant for

Working in the inhouse lab and kiosk. The lab work consists of developing film with diferent methods and scanning them with our Noritsu HS-1800. The kiosk is in the adjacent room to the lab and consists mainly of taking in film from customers and selling film.

Apply to all Summer work positions by filling this form.

Trainee work:

July – August 2020  International positions, that require only English skills.

2-4 x Camera Rescue trainee

Meant to be learning experiences that take you a step further into camera geekery, while having plenty of free time to pursue either your own projects or enjoying the Finnish summer. Trainee periods will be personally tailored to fit the applicant, but expect it to be working in the product controller phase of the process or helping out in other tasks in the center. Useful position for school training needs etc. Travels, lodging and daily living costs will be covered.

Basically if you have some passion, knowledge, or special skill related to our operation, we

are happy to have you under the same roof and help us with work that comes up day to day.

1 x Content generator:

Someone who has knowledge of film cameras (the more the better) and proven experience in videography and photography. You would be creating content for our Instagram, YouTube, website, and others. This can be simple beautiful product photography or it can be informative videos with gear, employees, and dialogue. 

We aim to have one extra pair of hands on this for the summer and are looking for people with a proven track record of productivity.  This can be anything from running your local soccer clubs social media for the last years to bringing your existing YouTube channel to Finland for a few months. Compensation, timetables and working strategy will be tailored accordingly.

Apply to trainee work positions by filling the same form as summer work positions. 


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