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My name is Nuno and I have been working fulltime with analog photography these past 6 years. I am the lab manager at our rescue center, but for the first four years I worked primarily with Medium Format and premium 35mm photo gear in the team. Today I enjoy also being an all around go-to-guy at the office, helping the newer guys in our 15 man team.

For this trip to Spain I will attend an analog only photography festival called Traveling Light near Barcelona. The festival lasts almost a week and I will be showcasing our centers different services (buy, sell, trade, repair) and hopefully making new friends. After the festival I will be heading to Valencia for a few days to visit Carmencita film lab . I am looking forward to see and meet the Spanish analog community on my journey. If I am in your area and you want to meet up, just send me a message.


Shot on a Mamiya 6 at Photokina 2016 by cr Head Analogist Juho

I will take over our teams Instagram  during my journey.

I will be buying gear, here is how to sell:

As I will go to Valencia, you can send your cameras in with your Carmencita processing order as long as it arrives before 7.11. Be sure to fill out this form and attach it with the package. If you wish, your camera gear can be exchanged to money, Carmencita lab credits or a voucher!

Once I have arrived at Carmencita, I will check all arrived items and get in touch to give you a fair offer, and in case you choose not to accept it, the gear will be posted back to you. With Travelling light the procedure is almost the same except we get to see face to face. Bring your gear with you and I will check them thoroughly and give you an offer. In principle we buy everything that you could possibly have for photography (even digitals), but if you are unsure you can always send me an email for a prequote.

My schedule:

31.10. – 5.11.: Travelling light, Barcelona area

6.-8.11.: Carmencita film lab, Valencia

If you are in other parts of Spain, we also have a contact Nico in Bilbao ( or you can deal with us by post like normal.

About the Camera Rescue Project

The Camera Rescue project is a coordinated effort combining the passionate film photographers, skilled cameramakers and film-minded photo industry of Finland under one goal – rescue 100 000 cameras by the end 2020. It is not only about conserving heritage and the tools that created most of the personal memories humankind has, but also about giving the working cameras a new chance to shine with a loving new owner.

If we missed anything or you have any questions, get in touch with us!


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