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Camera Rescue 3rd Anniversary Competition Results!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

For the #camerarescue 3rd anniversary photo competition we reached goal tier #1!

Myself (@camerarescue), Roman (@r0man0ff), and Jordan (@cameraville) have sorted through hundreds of competition entries and compared our top picks. There were so many worthy entries that we have decided to include our top 10 honorable mentions in addition to the winner. All honorable mentions will receive a 20€ gift card to

We would like to thank everyone for their submissions, we read them all and very much appreciate the effort put into the posts and the stories behind them. Full competition goal results and WINNER at the bottom of this post.


Honorable Mentions / 20€ Gift Card Winners

With a one of kind and story and beautiful images, Markkuzone had one of our favorite posts.

Twodollars99 literally converted trash into treasure.

Lensescam had some bad luck and some good luck, and when his city didn’t have a darkroom he made his own.

The grandfather of Rob_shoots_film would be proud that the camera he so clearly cherished during his lifetime would one day be saved when so close to being thrown out.

ppomnt likely saved a camera from a lifetime on the shelf, and made images anyone photographer would be proud of.

What even are the odds of this happening????

I think every beginner film photographer dreams of this happening, and it became a reality for vuoak.

A great camera history, family history, and images. Check out his other entries for the competition on his profile.

A red rangefinder restoration with an awesome and uncommon Canon M39 25mm lens!

This rescue/repair was well worth it – just look at that swirly bokeh 😀








The winner of the competition is r.e.f.u.g.i.u.m. This is a great yet simple camera rescue with an original depiction of the story. Not only did she save the camera from a future of non-use but the camera has returned the favor and made her into a new member of the film photography community. Read the caption to understand the photo, and go to her profile to see some supporting posts about how the photo was made.

Congratulations you will receive our prize tier #1 package which is:

Starter SLR Kit Konica Autoreflex TC (SLR) with 40mm f1.8 lens

If you are one of the winners just email

Competition Summary:

As you can see we actually got most goals very close to completion. Thank you for all your participation. We Always enjoy contests so make sure to follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the next one. Also consider following our sponsor Kamerastore as they not only have a great feed but post information about sales which come several times throughout the year.

(END COUNT: 1839 hashtags)

(GOAL ACHIEVED with 40.5k followers)

(END COUNT: 19.6k followers)

(END COUNT: 55 140 rescued cameras)

(END COUNT: 7.9k subscribers)


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