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Barcelona Closing

Español. Let's start with the sad news! When we open a new location there is always a chance things don't work as planned and in the case of Barcelona many things got alined for us to open the Camera Rescue office there for a limited time with options to continue. But it seems after our initial test it's not where our current efforts should be focused right now as we have many open tasks at hand. So we are closing our office in Barcelona!

The good news! We have had a great time in Barcelona with Carmencita Film Lab as amazing partners there (special thank you to Tatiana, Abel and Albert) and learned a lot about the local market. We won't leave Spain for ever and our email and contacts are open for any camera collection, spare parts or similar you might find or know of.

The technician school starts in less than a month and we are already ordering tables for the news students, finding apartments and figuring it all out. It's very exciting as this is the first year Nico will have a hand with Juho in helping new students into our locations, and will take over when Juho needs to attend other matters. We will keep reporting about the school as things keep moving forward.

So what now if you have cameras from Spain?

Like I mentioned above we will still attend anyone that has gear they want to sell or collections that are looking for a new life. All you have to do is write us on the contact page or fill in the quotes here.

¿Que pasa ahora si tienes camaras en España?

Al cerrar Barcelona no tendremos oficina fisica alli, pero eso no debería ser un grave problema. Como he mencionado todavía queremos mantener la línea abierta con la península, así que si tienes cámaras que quieres vender o una colección que quieres dar una nueva vida puedes contactarnos en nuestra página de contacto o redes sociales o rellenar el formulario de venta aquí.


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