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12 Days of Film: A Look Back at the Analog Photography Scene of 2017

Written by Jordan Michael Lockhart

Greetings camera lovers!

Cameraventures is celebrating the holidays and counting down to the New Year with “12 Days of Film: A Look Back at the Analog Photography Scene of 2017”. We’ve spent a lot of time this year gathering information on the state of analog and with your participation have put together many valuable resources for existing and newcomer photographers.

So now we fall upon December, and as the sun begins to set on another year of analog we’d like to invite you to join us in looking back. Together with the help of a few friends you already know, Cameraventures will be counting down to 2018 with daily blog or video posts in a collaborative effort to recall some of the year’s most noteworthy developments. Keep an eye out as we will be sharing links to various other websites on the day they are published.

It began in summer of 2016 where Juho of Cameraventures spent 9 months interviewing over 300 individuals about their thoughts on the future of film. Everything from CEOs critical to the industry’s survival to internet famous analogists, all the way to a group of charismatic Russian chemists, and a 17-year-old teenager in Singapore. The focus was to get a comprehensive global picture of the future of film photography and find out if it is danger and if it can be saved.

In April 2017 we launched our “Save Analog Cameras” campaign, and to date over 7000 photographers from over 110 countries have filled out the questionnaire. Following that, in September Bellamy Hunt AKA JCH came to our home base in Tampere, Finland for a special live broadcast detailing each of our findings and thoughts, as well as an exciting announcement by Bellamy at the end, which we hope to hear more about in 2018!

It’s been an exciting year just behind the Cameraventures curtain alone, and when you add in a few new roll films announced, numerous successful analog related Kickstarter campaigns (for better or worse), and ever-growing analog blog and YouTube channels, it has positively been a great year for film.


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