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Where do people buy analogue cameras? – United Kingdom

Over the last 9 months Cameraventures has been researching the current state of analog photography around the world, interviewing hundreds of people from CEOs integral to the industry, to upcoming young enthusiasts. We have gone on to undertake a survey of over 7500 analog enthusiasts from around the globe so that we can see how vibrant, varied and ultimately how healthy the analog camera scene is. This all with the hope that we can answer whether analog photography has what it takes to survive and be appreciated by the generations to come. If you’ve already taken part in our survey then we’d like to thank you for helping with this project, and if you’re yet to do so you can still take part here.

These days very few companies continue to produce analog photography equipment. You can still pick up a brand new 35mm Leica, Lomography produce a range of film revival cameras and Fujifilm continue with their Instax line. Gone, however, are the days where you could walk into a high street camera store and have your pick from hundreds of brand new options.

The Cameraventures survey results have shown us that analog photographers are certainly out there. Buying, collecting and shooting with a wide range of cameras, with our findings showing that many photographers are shooting with three or more cameras. With the vast majority of these classic cameras being long gone from production and store shelves, we wanted to find out where people were going to get their film camera fix. We asked our UK survey respondents where they would go to pick up analog gear: 44% said they would use the online auction site eBay, 29% would buy in person from a local store, 11% through other online stores, 5% from local hobbyist gatherings and 2% via Etsy.

As a self confessed eBay addict I’m happy to see I’m not alone, with eBay representing the most popular place for enthusiasts in the UK. Local stores came in as the second most popular option – sometimes being able to hold a camera in your hands is what it takes to make the deal.

For inspiration we asked those taking part in our survey where they’d recommend others to check out for their next camera purchase (not that I need any more encouragement!). For those on the lookout for something in particular, or just up for a good browse, some of the most popular recommendations were received were: Aperture UK, Cameraworld, Ffordes, Grays of Westminster, Harrison Cameras, KEH, Realcamera, West Yorkshire Cameras – and, of course If you’ve got a bit of spare time you can also check out local charity shops and car-boot sales – maybe you’ll get lucky!

About the author: Christian Hopewell is a journalism student at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Christian has worked as a photographer around Sheffield and the north of England covering nightlife, music and events. You can find Christian’s work at or follow him at


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