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Camera Rescue Paris English

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

UPDATE (13/01/2021) : we successfully tested the pop-up workshop in Paris for 6 months. Yet the equipment has now been moved to test a similar concept to Barcelona. Stay tuned for future updates !

Good news – we are again building up the Camera Rescue presence in Paris during November! To secure the camera needs of the future generations of France, I am coming to Paris for the 6th to the 18th of November to setup a base to run the basic operations we have done for years in Finland. The team will be built in cooperation with Nation Photo

The first Camera Rescue Base During these two weeks we are aiming at opening up the first permanent Camera Rescue base outside of Finland. The primary function of the base is to provide a more central location for precise camera testing than Finland. With the proper testing equipment the base can provide two services: 

  1. A chance for photographers passing by Paris to have their gear tested with precision, and get documentation from it. This way you will know that your camera shutterspeeds/lightmeter is correct or how much it is wrong so you can compensate accordingly.

  2. A buying service where you get an exact offer for the maximum amount we can pay, as we have already tested the equipment. 

All repairs and sales of cameras for the French market will be handled by Nation Photo, so the base will only focus on condition checking and buying. We will inform through our social media sites and email newsletter once the base is open for business! You can also checkout the team page if you know your French.

Have extra camera gear?

We will be buying and doing instant evaluations on all types of cameras in Paris and at these times:

  1. 7.11.-11.11. 10:00-19:00 Salon de la Photo – FNAC booth – Exchange value for FNAC products

  1. 12-15.11. Other events in Paris, stay tuned to Instagram or Facebook for updates

To sell to us be aware of these two things:

  1. Bring identity papers with you

  2. Small packages (under 100€) can be paid in cash and the bigger amounts straight to bank account, except for Salon de la Photo where we issue Fnac vouchers.

You can also drop off or mail your items to either of the Nation Photo Paris shops at any time already before the 6th of November according to the guide below. 

Once the base is setup, we will be able to check and buy any gear you might have laying around without use. You can simply fill this form out and take or post your gear to one of the two Nation Photo shops  – Nation or Châtelet or bring them straight to the base. We will test the gear weekly and call you with a quote. If you are happy with the quote, we pay the money to your bank account and if you decide not to sell, you can pick up your gear during the next week.

Some more dates and times might pop-up so keep an eye on the social medias of Nation Photo and Camera Rescue.

Have a lot of gear?

It is very common for us to meet collectors or old professionals with hundreds of cameras without an use. If you are in such a situation, contact us and we will see if we can come and visit you for a quote. In some occasions we can do this even with longer travel distances.

Want to be a part of the team?

We have quite a good setup already teamwise, but if you are super sure you want to be in the Paris Camera Rescue team, please send me an email introducing yourself and explaining why you want to be in the team.


To contact, just send an email to me at:


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